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Request a Project

Please complete the project request form! If you're unable to complete the form, please call 814.238.0822 ext 20! All types of projects can be requested - painting, yard work, cleaning and organizing, baking, home repair/construction, visiting with folks, hosting events, roofing repairs and more.

While we strive to complete all requested projects, we can't commit to that. If you request a painting, home repair, roofing or construction project, you'll hear from a ServeWeek evaluator to schedule an appointment to learn more about your project. Evaluators will determine if your project is within the scope of what ServeWeek is able to complete. We'll notify project requestors at least one week prior to ServeWeek to confirm if we have volunteers for your project.

Contact Information

So we can contact you or the project location if we have questions.

Project Location

Location of where the work will be done.

Project Information

Details about the project and the work to be done.

Check here if this project is appropriate for children to help.


201 Harvest Fields Drive, Boalsburg, PA 16827

Phone: (814)238-0822 ext. 20

Email: info@serveweek.net

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